Jane Mercer

Independent Cryptocurrency Developer

and Privacy Researcher

Most of my other sites and social network contact info may be found at
https://keybase.io/dmercer and
my primary email is jane@mercerweiss.com

On Discord I am @radix42#3743 and @JaneMercer on Telegram.

Come talk about whatever with us on my message board at Pirate.Guru,
which is a text only chan-style site where you can be an anon or use a pseudonym.

I most enjoy porting software, and am currently focused on the
PirateChain corner of the Komodo Platform
ecosystem, where I happen to be a core dev,
and am also working on various aspects of Monero.
I'm also a member of the Veil Foundation Board.

I used to do a lot of stuff with Zcash, but we mostly don't talk about that nowadays.

Current Releases

Komodo v0.6.0 for ARM v8 processors for armbian, Debian and Ubuntu Source
SHA-256 hash: 3ae8ffac24996b12ddb8b90c58a5df2c84783da65392879f0d021b318fcccba2

SevenSeas GUI wallet for PirateChain

Zcash for FreeBSD 12, Source code

grin v1.0.3 for ARM v8 on linux
SHA-256 hash: 27ef05521a9a1f8c556cf79b42c927b0b2bbd3d451147e550a5bfcff3fd0a677

Zcoin v0.13.7.9 for Armbian on ARM v8 (WARNING: non-portable wallet.dat)
SHA-256 hash: cd8ca63c11031ee68b6112b7ad64a66ff9ec54d8e1a3b76a62d2915d182426d8

Chips v3 for Armbian on ARM v8
SHA-256 hash: 7ff0e001e385606f24358874dc552f1ce93233ccb583d56ce450697cd2933b57

Hush v3 for Windows
SHA-256 hash: 1c4f45f36e98b474495b046d79ebed5e1e77eafb3ab38984e5ce2b1969ae846d

Monero 14.1.0 for RISC-V 64-bit running Debian Sid
SHA-256 hash: c9673f64c905acc7bdae56d5f0bf639a5542e3877993a3efe01914da8f329938

Donation addresses:

Bitcoin Core ($BTC): 3LBiDxS97we2jzm6t8MmLyioURpSGxuZud

Ethereum ($ETH): 0x51e4fCaDb492FA10fF2Aa05c9E6eB65BC61A46A0

Komodo ($KMD) or asset chains: RNxd81GvT1WPMmEu3uR1idQmHZ5gjXihb8

Zcash ($ZEC) to t1TWmmTSNoWeMSxBV2TzypxGe1gtKcY2ruQ or

Monero ($XMR): 434qwtpdyDoKSUEhPi46GjbzewLFaHhYH6CTsSYdVvhhRJteyBbxLaniE1LSkyHQFzUiBUqXUR58HEHjtjUjE6o1EadWn6V

Pirate ($ARRR): zs1knmre6w5dyy2mjdxw2g8v93adr3fh9jtwqx76863557sjunlqq563cftxaz05saskyyn72xm2hv

Veil ($VEIL): bv1qfu699sxffn926zsj57y6rwv6u46ddv28vxcuj7 or

Pivx ($PIVX): DTsG4AVNx5Aka8tU79FbpetKkPPtxhPgiJ

Bitshares ($BTS) or assets: to username radix42

Venmo to @radix42 or Paypal to https://PayPal.me/MercerWeiss

Cryptocurrency ports of note:

Zcash ($ZEC) to Mac, Windows (w/Joshua Yabut @movrcx), linux aarch64/ARM v8 and FreeBSD 12

Zclassic ($ZCL) to Mac and Windows (w/Joshua Yabut @movrcx)

HUSH ($HUSH), originally known as Zdash, to Windows

Komodo ($KMD) to linux aarch64/ARM v8, Windows compatibility patches used by @ca333 for his port

Zero ($ZER) to Windows

First builds of Monero ($XMR) and PIVX ($PIVX) on RISC-V 64-bit hardware (HiFive Unleashed running Debian Sid)

pretty much all downstream Zcash forks use my Mac, Win and sometimes ARM v8 patches